Saturday, 15 October 2011

Argyle 60L Weekends @ Jazmyn D

Argyle is the focus of this weekends 60L promotion.  Argyle v-neck sweaters in four fantastic colour options out now in the main store.  Coordinating separates from the store have also been grouped and reduced to just 60L for this weekend to help you achieve a full look without hurting your purse.

The previous release whilst not part of this weekends 60L promotion, is still at 60L ending this weekend, see below for a reminder! Strap back sweater in red and grey, grey knit mini skirt and fishnet print trousers.

Jazmyn D main store: Travelers Island [151/071/023]
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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Woot! 60L Weekends hits Jazmyn D

A cute outfit has been sent out for subscribe-o-matic members "woot" tshirt and denim skirt. If you are not already part of the group to receive news on new releases and update group gifts, there is no time like the present to join & it won't use up a group slot! TP to the main store

Taking part in the 60L weekend, Jazmyn D submits a few coordinating separates. These are new releases - Two sweaters, a mini skirt and a pair of trousers. Want to be one of the first to don them on the grid?

Remember that 60L Weekends ends at midnight on Sunday pop along to grab a bargain!

Jazmyn D main store @ Travelers Island