Sunday, 30 May 2010

Goodies Galore!!

There are plenty of goodies at Jazmyn D ready for taking! We have a new 60L Item available this weekend called Creme Brulee; a stylish Brown Polka Dot Top with matching Capri pants and sandals. The perfect outfit for those hot summer days approaching. As a special treat the Black and Green colors of this top are also available for 60L as well as the pants to buy separately. Come and check it out before the weekend is out and don't forget to hit the Subscribe-o-matic to find out about more deals from Jazmyn D! Visit this site to see what other places are participating during the 60L Weekend. Official Picasa Gallery:

Next we have a sassy off the shoulder summer dress called Breeze in Cherry. It is 50% off as part of the LOW Gridewide Sale! This dress comes with two skirt variations, a longer floaty skirt that sways with every step and a short floaty skirt for when you feel like showing off your long legs.

Lastly, we have a New Dress called Dazzle. A cute Babydoll style dress that anyone would love. Dazzle can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Come to Jazmyn D and check out these amazing outfits for yourself. You will not be disappointed :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Weekend is Here...

Hey Folks, another week has passed us by and Saturday is here! Time for a new Sixty Linden item. An Adorable cream colored mini dress with realistic detail creates a sexy and sassy look. A definite must have, especially since it's 60L this Saturday and Sunday only. Pick it up at Jazmyn D before the weekend is over! Don't forget to smack the Jazmyn D subscrib-o-matic to find out when their will be more deals.