Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Release at Jazmyn D's!!!

Jazmyn D recently released these super soft and comfortable knit tank tops. Great for casual or more formal wear. The Short Knit Tops are available to you in 8 sexy colors. Visit Jazmyn here. While you are there don't forget to join the Jazmyn D Subscribe-o-matic group to find out about new releases and special deals :)

Jazmyn D Mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/151/71/23

Jazmyn D Blog:

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Gift @ Jazmyn D

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas weekend. This Santa's Sexy Helper outfit is available free of charge at  the Jazmyn D main store!
Free @ Jazmyn D at Travelers Island

Whilst you are there..why not treat yourself to the perfect winter sweater? These are new releases available in four muted shades AND only 60L each this weekend as part of the Sixty Linden Weekend promotion.

Click here for your tp to the main store!

Best wishes as always,


Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

Jazmyn D main store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/148/70/23

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jazmyn D Group Gift

A new month is upon us, which means a new group gift for you from Jazmyn D! This glamorous Red gown is free to all group members. If you are not a member, hit the update group sign located at Jazmyn D's mainstore. Grab it before the month is over! Limo.

Jazmyn D's Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

Jazmyn D's Mainstore LM: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/151/71/23

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Peace on Earth 3 Hunt ~ Jazmyn D

Jazmyn D is part of the Peace on Earth 3 hunt this winter. Hundreds of stores are taking part where you will find gifts from fashion right through to home wares. You are looking for a globe exactly like the one in the picture above.
The theme PEACE ON EARTH was chosen to draw upon the universal sense of unity that we feel during the holiday season. It is meant to be a festive hunt that all peoples can embrace. It will be an opportunity for a grid wide celebration of the diversity that is Second Life and how we celebrate the holiday season. We wish to foster understanding , tolerance, and respect throughout this global community and will select those stores that share these ideals. 
Sequoia Nightfire, Founder of POE 

Please see Jazmyn D's contribution below! There is a hint board instore if you get stuck. Hoping you take part, good luck if you do.

Click for larger image

Jazmyn D main store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/148/70/23
Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blotspot.com

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Jazmyn D is very proud to be one of the Twisted Krissmuss sponsors. It is a fantastic event bringing you high quality fashion that is not only affordable, but also gift-able (all included items are sold with transfer permissions). It couldn't be easier to get your Christmas shopping done!

This is NOT a hunt...you don't have to find the items...they will be displayed in a very visible place...touch the board instore to get a list of landmarks of all participating stores as well as a book with pictures of included items!
Twisted Krissmuss @ Jazmyn D

Jazmyn D Mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/151/71/23

Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Jazmyn D, Pen's Gems & Nightlife Designer Clothing for Men host their first Mini Hunt

Jazmyn D is holding a mini hunt. It is a great way to see what is happening in the store whilst collecting some exclusive gifts courtesy of Jazmyn D, Pen's Gems and also Nightlife Designer Clothing for Men who are based in the same location and are collaborating - so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

All gifts are exclusive, but may be available for sale at a later date so to benefit from the 'freeness' pop along to Travelers Island before the end of 21st November to fill your basket up with treats!

You are hunting for a champagne flute and there are only 9 to find...each store has contributed 3 designs. See Jazmyn D's contributions below:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Other items include fine jewellery from Pen's Gems and quality mens clothing from Nightlife. Remember to touch the subscribers as you make your way around to get news on releases, sales and exclusive gifts.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Jazmyn D Fashion Show!!

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 3:00 PM SLT, The Runway Cafe presents Jazmyn D Women's Fashion. Join us for an evening of fun and fashion frenzy as designer Jazmyn Diesel showcases her line of high quality women’s clothing.

This fashion event is not your typical runway show. It is an intimate evening set in a club environment that is sure to be a paradigm shift in the way SL fashion is introduced. Designer Jazmyn Diesel will be available to meet and greet and answer questions from the guests.

The Runway Cafe focuses on selling the designer's line within the framework of a more intimate and fun atmosphere. Jazmyn D also has a store on the sim. Guests can purchase her designs at vendors that will be available inside The Runway Cafe located on the first floor of The Lady Grand Hotel. The Runway Cafe is sure to be a new favorite night spot for the fashion conscious and party goers alike.

You are invited to party with Jazmyn and our beautiful models, enjoy the sweet sounds of our live DJ Tristain Savon and visit the shops in and around The Lady Grand Hotel. Take your limo there!

Event LM: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Abruzzo/59/50/24

Jazmyn D Mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/151/71/23

Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

Runway Cafe Blog: http://runwaycafe.wordpress.com

Saturday, 30 October 2010

New Group Gift @ Jazmyn D

Fresh off the knitting rack, this charcoal Argyle winter dress is available to all current Jazmyn D update group members.

Join the Jazmyn D subscribe-o-matic update group and receive news on new items, sales, events & gifts. It will not take up a group slot..and you will not get any spam or chatter!!! Thank you to my current subscribers.Your support, as always, is very much appreciated.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Jaz x

Main store location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Travelers%20Island/153/71/23

Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

New Stuff at Jazmyn D!

Dust out your inventory and reload your money, because Jazmyn D has a brand new dress available.
Gigi is a body hugging flirtatious dress that is a definite must have. This dress made me feel all grown up and sexy at the same time. You can wear it for a job or to a party and still look stylish. Gigi comes is 6 yummy colors; Red, Olive, Mauve, Cocoa, Blue, and Black. Either color that you pick will be a great choice. Check them out at Jazmyn D and be prepared to spend :)

Don't forget to hit the subscribe-o-matic in the store to join Jazmyn D's group and find out more great deals!

Mainstore LM
Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com/

Spend the Weekend at Jazmyn D...

Hey, hey shoppers! The weekend is upon us again, which means it is time for 60L Weekends and LOW at Jazmyn D :)

RaRa is this weeks 60L priced item for the weekend. This super cute grey dress would make a great casual weekend outfit. Don't forget to grab it for 60L this weekend! Can you pass up such a great deal? Take the taxi to Jazmyn D.

Cookies & Cream it this weeks LOW item. The subtle yet sexy sweater and fitted short skirt will have you thinking of chilly Fall afternoons. Cookies & Cream is available at the Low Bazaar until Thursday, November 4th! Get yours here. To find out more about the LOW Bazaar, check out their site: http://lowsale.wordpress.com/

Mainstore LM
Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com/

Friday, 24 September 2010

Time for 60L Weekend and LoW at Jazmyn D

More incredible deals are going on with Jazmyn D this weekend. Check it out :)

Don't forget that tomorrow is also the last day to visit the Wear Gray Market Faire. The proceeds and donations go towards a really great cause; The American Brain Tumor Association. there are tons of great items there to see and buy. Please visit and join in the cause to help! Taxi.

The Aztec Orient in Black is this weeks 60L item. The Aztec Orient is a seductive outfit with an exotic flair that is available for this weekend only! Taxi.

The Floral Lace Edge top are available at the LoW Bazaar starting today until next Thursday. Refresh your supply of money and stop at the Bazaar to buy these gorgeous lace tops. Your Taxi!

Mainstore LM

Jazmyn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com/

Saturday, 18 September 2010

News From Jazmyn D!

There are a lot of things going on across the grid this month especially at Jazmyn D. Check out below to what you have been missing out on :)

* Tomorrow is the last day for Project Donate. A very special charity event organized by Truth Hawks in order to raise funds for the flood victims in Pakistan. Donations from sales go directly to UNICEF. This is go a really good cause so make sure to check out this awesome event. Your Taxi.
For more info: http://blog.projectdonate.info/

* Jazmyn D is participating in the Wear Gray For a Day event that goes until the 25th of September. The Wear Gray for A Day event is where a group of wonderful designers come together for two weeks in order to help raise money that goes towards the American Brain Tumor Association. Fund help to aide in the awareness, research and helping those that suffer from brain tumors/cancer. Each designer offers items where 100% proceeds go directly to the ABTA. Visit today!
Here is their site for more info: http://weargray.blogspot.com/

* Jazmyn D is back for Sixty Linden Weekends! A sexy dress called RaRa is your treat for 60L for this weekend at Jazmyn D's mainstore only. RaRa is a chic blue demin dress with a ruffled layered skirt that is ideal for those warm summer afternoons. Pick it up before it is too late!

* It's hunting time at Jazmyn D. The Miracles of Autumn Hunt goes from September 15th-October 15th. One whole month to explore various shops with the natures theme. Find the hidden snail in Jazmyn D's and receive this comfy sweater dress with matching stockings.

* Lastly, L.O.W runs from this Friday morning until Thursday night, the 23rd. So you have a longer time to look around and do some major shopping. Now there is an even bigger way to shop for the L.O.W deals, at the Bazaar! One special spot with all of the designers participating in L.O.W can showcase their items to provide a convenient and low lag area for the shoppers.
Dazzle that special someone in this weeks L.O.W item. The Dazzle Minni Dress, a gorgeous shimmery silver/white dress that flatters the shape and turns heads at first glance. Limo :)

Mainstore LM

Jazymn D Blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com

Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Deals & Steals @ Jazymn D!

There are a ton of awesome treats available at Jazmyn D this weekend!
First, we have two gorgeous summertime dresses for the 60L weekend. Nuit Et Jour and Antique Flowers are two must haves for your summer wardrobe and at 60L a piece it is a great steal. To see this the site for other places that are participating during the 60L Weekend visit Official Picasa Gallery: http://www.bit.ly/SixtyLindenAlbum. And of course if you are not apart of Jazmyn D's Subscribe-o-matic group, slap it while your there to find out about sales, hunts, and many more fun things going on. Your Limo :)

Below, is Candy, a sexy, figure flattering top and skirt that is available on the Midnight Mania Board for a limited time only! So make sure you come to Jazmyn D and hit the MM Board in order to get Candy for free :)
There are two hunts currently going on that Jazmyn D is participating in. The Summe Fantasy Hunt is going on until September 15th. Track down the little ice creams hidden in Jazmyn D and get this super adorable dress as your prize!
The second hunt is the Hollywood Walk of Fame that is running until the 29th of August. Find the hidden star and you will be able to strut your stuff down the grid in this too hot to trot outfit. Taxi.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

SOL Fair Is Still Here :)

The Summer of Love Fair is still going on, which means there is still time to grab up the lovely designs that Jazmyn D has out there! The SOL Fair is helping to raise awarenss for mental health, so make sure to click the big question marks while your there to get more information. The SOL fair is running until August 8th!! Have fun shopping :)

Summer of Love taxi

Mainstore taxi


Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Whole Lotta Luvin'

Keira Seerose has done an amazing job at organizing yet another fair. The Summer of Love Fair has already begun which means more awesome clothing from Jazmyn D! We have not one, but three great outfits displayed at the fair this year. There is something for every ones style. So come and check out Jazmyn D's clothing at the Summer of Love Fair. The fair runs from July 18th- August 8th and features a ton of other awesome designers.

Antique Flowers is a lovely sculpted mini dress that will help you cool down on those long hot summer days ahead. Its flowery detail splashed across the dress will remind you of laying in a field of the sweetest smelling flowers.

Nuit Et Jour is an elegant black and white dress that is ideal for breezy Sunday afternoon stroll. With its low cut top and flirty skirt, this dress will be one you will wear long past summer.

Summer Lovin is one of my favorite casual outfits that Jazmyn has released for the fair. The set includes 4 tank tops in 2 sexy styles with a pair of black fishnet printed trousers. Summer Lovin is a simple outfit to put on with loads of style and cuteness.
Hope to see you at the fair :) Here is your limo!

More Great Deals @ Jazmyn D

Jazmyn D has " In Control" for 60L this weekend! Come and check out this cute and spunky outfit that will grab peoples attention as travel across the grid. It's too good of a deal to pass up. The weekend is almost over, come and get it before it's too late!
Check out this site to see what other places are participating during the 60L Weekend. Official Picasa Gallery: http://www.bit.ly/SixtyLindenAlbum
And while you are here don't forget to join the subscrib-o-matic group if you haven't yet :)
Your Taxi.

Add a "Touch of Class" to your wardrobe with this wonderful outfit, available for one week only during the L.O.W Gridwide Sale only at Jazmyn D. Be mysterious and chic with this sexy low cut top, form flattering pants, and matching black hat. Grab this up soon! Your taxi :)


Sunday, 11 July 2010

More Good Stuff at Jazmyn D :)

Jazmyn D has put out a little red and black dress called Jessica for the L.O.W (Letter of the Week) Grid Wide Sale . Jessica is a simple, yet stylish dress everyone should own. The red top with black strips creates a bold look that will make you stand out no matter where you are. Jessica is available only at Jazmyn D, for this week only! Head on over and prepare to shop till you drop :)

Jazmyn D is doing something special. We are taking part in a charity event called Feed a Smile. Feed a Smile runs from July 10th to July 18th. Jazmyn has made an exclusive item for the event, were all proceeds from the sales of this outfits will go straight to the chairty. A great summertime set; a sculpted top, with matching hat and shorts. Be ready for hot weather in this ideal outfit. Check out the pictures below.
To find more info about Feed a Smile, here is the link to their blog: http://feed-a-smile.blogspot.com/ or visit the event by clicking here. The goal of the Feed-a-Smile 2010 event is to feed the 466 children in the LLK projects during the school holidays. These children are living in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school — fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies,etc...
During the school holidays this kids have nowhere to go to get a real meal, so our goal is to feed these children during this time. A warm meal for a child cost about 100Linden$.
The Feed-a-Smile Charity Event wants to feed 466 children for 27 days ( = 12,582 meals).
You can follow the current status of our live meal counter in the middle of our venue or on our Blog http://feed-a-smile.blogspot.com/. There will be various events thoughout the week, including a fashion show. Because this is a charity event, 100% of the proceeds will go to children. Please come and help support a great cause! Your taxi :)

Check out our blog: http://jazmynd.blogspot.com/