Thursday, 22 January 2009

Everyone loves freebies!

Did you know that at Jazmyn D: Skins, Shapes & More I have two groups? Let me explain....

There is the traditional SL Group Jazmyn D: Skins, Shapes & More. This functions purely as a DISCOUNT group. When you join, you will get a discount on ALL purchases at the main store when the group tag is active.  There will be times when there are exclusive group sales, so in order to participate you will need to join the discount group. The only notices you will receive in this group are those welcoming new group members.

The second group is an update group. So any new releases will be sent out to this group as well as details of the previously mentioned group sales and group FREEBIES. Notices will be kept to a minimum and the beauty of this subscribe-o-matic group, is that it won't add to your SL groups. So you get two groups for the price of one. Yay!  To join, you just need to touch the board at the entrance to the store and that is it!!!  You will be given a complimentary outfit and you will be able to read group history notices also to any gifts that have been given in the past month, you would also be eligible to collect.

Any questions at all, please contact me, Jazmyn Diesel inworld, and remember to get your discounts, you need to join the discount group also.

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