Sunday, 26 June 2011

Whoops! I made a boo boo....

I slapped my head when I realised that I had forgotten to pick up the Moolto hunt gift from March. It had been brought to my attention when I saw the previous Moolto hunt gift blogged recently.

As I have now picked up the 'old' hunt prim, I am placing a vendor with the of charge...for a limited time only (until 29th June)  - especially so anyone who has seen the blog posts will not be disappointed on visiting the store.

Pop along to the Jazmyn D mainstore to grab yours today.

The CURRENT Moolto hunt ends on 30th June. Be sure to click the Moolto kisok instore for info on how to join is not too late.

Thank you for the post Chic. You can follow Chic Aeon's blog here.

Jazmyn D Main store


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