Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Stuff at Jazmyn D!

Jazmyn D has a couple of new things to check out in store. First we have the "Urban Chic" outfit; a very sexy and modern outfit. A grey checkered off the shoulder shirt with matching belt and a black mini skirt complete the outfit. Looking for something that shows off your figure and draws attention? Well look no further, Urban Chic is that outfit! Come to Jazmyn D and see it for yourself. Don't forget to join the Subscrib-o-matic in the store to keep informed of awesome goodies :) Keep checking this site to see what other places are participating during the 60L Weekend. Official Picasa Gallery:
For the L.O.W. (Letter of the Week) Grid Wide Sale, Jazmyn desgined these amazing Klassy Black Heels. They go perfectly with the Urban Chic outfit. You can never have too many pairs of cute black heels. Only available at Jazmyn D!

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