Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Just in Time for Winter!!

Imagine an afternoon in December...you look out your living room window and see fresh fallen snow all around. A smile comes across your face as you think of making snowmen and meeting your girlfriends at a coffee shop in the city. You head for the door, but realize something is missing. Before you leave you grab your belted Glamour coat off the coat rack , toss the hat on, and make sure the scarf is snug around your neck.
Glamour Winter Coat, the newest release from Jazmyn D will definitely get you in the mood for wintertime fun! Its thick comfy fabric will surely keep you warm during chilly days. This coat is available in two amazing colours, red and black. It even comes with a pair of well fitted black trousers. Make sure you have one if your closet!! Your portal to Jazmyn D!

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