Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fresh, Clean and Flirtatious...

No...not a description of Jazmyn D! Last year had a lot of retro and clean designs in the fashion world, but 2009 promised to go that extra mile with these trends. Indeed, thats precisely what we have here with Jazmyn D's latest Autumn collection wear.

"Retro Squares" is a feminine chic couture style dress without the hefty price tag. Reminiscient of the Mary Quant style this outfit shouts out cutesy!

No Autumn collection would be completed without a fresh new clean pair of jeans and a shirt that hints out sex, but also looks warm enough for the up and coming Winter season. Time flies in the world of fashion as you know, so check this dress out that is essentially for both seasons...a great buy.

As far as texturing for footwear goes, very very few come under the bracket of realistic. Fortunately, thats not the case with this pair - ultra realistic lighting and texturing render these boots as some of the most snug chic boots on the market for Autumn. It works well with the Immodest outfit. so try it out.

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