Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mmmmmm...I love Autumn...

Did I say that I love the Autumn? Without a doubt the most beautiful season for me.  The slightly changing temperatures here in the UK and the falling leaves inspired me to create my first new season outfit, Snug.

As the name suggests, it is the outfit to keep you warm and toasty this Autumn - a super realistic rollneck/poloneck sweater with cool horizontal stripes and a light wash denim miniskirt. Not to be missed, Snug is available in Lime, Grey and Purple instore now!

New Jazmyn D Update Group gift

I was so surprised when I checked the group numbers and saw that the Jazmyn D update group had crept over the 2500 members mark. How exciting!!!  I sent out the dress below to the group in 'Celebration' of meeting that milestone. If you are not in the Jazmyn D update group, there has never been a better time to join. Just touch the board instore..there is one on every level..Doesn't affect your 25 group limit, no chatter, and no spam! Yay!

"Celebration is a stylish mini dress with a retro feel to it. Fantastic for everyday..or somewhere special"

Thank you to everyone who has joined the update group and who have supported me over the last year. I would like to introduce some competitions and your suggestions for something different are really really welcome...If it is going to be a hunt..let is be a hunt with a twist..How do you feel about Flickr competitions?  Or competitions with Linden Dollar prizes...your feedback is really necessary here so we can do something that is fun-tastic for the group!

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