Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Jazmyn D: June Update Group Gift!!!

If you are in the Jazmyn D subscribe-o-matic update group, then you would have received the fabtabulous tops and denim mini skirt in the picture above. If you are NOT in the update group ...there is no time like the present! Pop along to the Jazmyn D store and touch the subscribe-o-matic. This will add you to the update group...but will NOT add to your sl groups! Once you have been added, touch the subscribe-o again, and go to history to receive a list of items that you may have missed and ooohhhh! I forgot to mention, that when you first touch, you will receive an update group welcome gift. See picture below.

If you can spare a group slot - it is worth joining the additional discount group. This group exists only to give discounts and members wearing their Jazmyn D tag will automatically receive a 10% discount on EVERYTHING they purchase in the main store. There will be no updates though this group to avoid duplication.

Sooooo..what are you waiting for! I look forward to serving you at the store!

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